Solidic export dariy is a cutting-edge Dairy company founded by a talented and creative group of friends

Brenda, a 40-year-old woman, and Petrus a 45-year-old man, have been inseparable since childhood, and their shared passion for dairy farming and products this led them to join forces with a group of other skifull and passionate friends to establish their own dairy company . Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal following of clients who appreciate their dedication to creating breathtaking, functional spaces that exceed expectations.
Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide exceptional service and the best products that inspire and empower our clients in thier various sectors. while upholding our core values of creativity, collaboration, and sustainability.

There is joy in making clients happy .There is happiness in buying quality goods . We aim to establish long term business relationship ,including partnership and having representatives. creativity,collaboration and sustainability is our key words. Our team is able and ready for this .

Petrus, a 45-year-old man , one of the Founders of solidic export dairy AB

In loving memory of Lars petrus

I was so passionate about milk,cows, and their end products. I grew up in the farm and locally learning how to get end product from dairy,butter,milk cheese and many more. After my Dad passed away i dreamt of taking this to another level ,where nature brought us together with Brenda who had exactly the same passion as me. We worked towards it with a team of friends together we made the company. ( We forever think of you)

Hi, I'm Brenda, a 40-year-old woman, who loves innovation

This is one of the best things we accomplished as a team

I remember the nights we would stay up trying different flavours and mixtures. writing down projects for the company growth. all this would not be possible without a team . it is a credit that goes all to the company as a whole. Also to the new staffs coming i hope they can uphold such values the company has had for a longtime

Our team of experienced professionals has years of expertise in Management & planning, sustainability ,consulting and productivity ...

julax Goransson

Factory & Warehouse manager
Taking care of the power house of the company has been part of my daily life .

liala ausberg

finance head

All my time of service has been experimental ,sufficient and empowering . I love where i am and what i do

Michael Anders

Project Manager

being a project manager of such a big enterprise is very demanding but at the sametime fascinating .

Hansen dulope

Marketing head

One aim here and pririoty is to ensure the promotion of the company to be known world wide .

If you're in need of highly nutritional dairy products for commercial, production of pastries and personal use we can accompany you along your journey.